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With the blessings of the almighty, our gurus and all our well-wishers, we would like to officially launch the ‘Kanchana Sisters’ logo.

We take this opportunity to heartily thank and seek blessings from our parama-gurus and grandfathers, Rishi Gandharva Kanchana Venkatasubramaniam  and Mahamahopadhyaya Padmashri Dr.R.Sathyanarayana, our guru and parents Kanchana V Subbarathnam and Kanchana Rohini Subbarathnam and our maternal uncle Dr. R S Nanda Kumar, for moulding us to who we are today. We also would like to gratify our better-halves, K.U. Jayachandra Rao and S Rajashekar and our dearest sister, Kanchana Sumanasaranjani for being with us through thick and thin.

We also will seize this opportune moment to thank all our well-wishers, rasikas and fans for all your love and support.

We also thank our very own Sound Engineer, Sri Krishna Bhat for recording and working on our theme song and Abhay D Sampigethaya for being our support-system.

We are very grateful to Adithya Udupa K-animator and Sudha Udupa k-logo creator, for helping us by creating this logo and executing our ideas and thoughts flawlessly. We are very thankful to the hard-work and time spent on this logo which can be only described as stupendous!!

Here is a glimpse into their thoughts while fabricating this logo.

Nature celebrates music day in and day out – through cacophony of sound, starting from the chirping of birds at sunrise.

Similarly, one could always hear the Symphony of music at the homes of Kanchana Sisters, either in form of taleem sessions or training/teaching sessions throughout the day, since past 4 generations.

Kanchana Sisters have made their names known in music industry, through their bold experiments within the boundaries of Classical Carnatic music. Their signature style and personal touch rarely goes unnoticed amongst their fans and students.

We wanted to show their rich heritage and bold experimentations and wish it continues through the coming generations, by associating their initials with rising Sun. Oh, and we didn’t forget to symbolize what they stand for – with two humble dots on the stem of Letter K, suggesting tambura keys.